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Factors to Consider While Choosing a Maid Agency in Singapore

Updated: May 4

If you have a busy schedule and demanding work in Singapore, you need a helping hand. This is where people prefer to hire a maid to lighten the load of daily life. The maid will assist them with numerous household tasks like cooking, cleaning, and child care. But it takes a lot of effort to find a reliable and reputable maid agency to hire the right maid. 

There are a number of agencies available, which makes it difficult to select the best. This blog will help you find a good maid agency in Singapore.

Two Essential Types of Maid Agencies in Singapore

  • Licenced Agency: The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has permitted licenced maid agencies to operate business in Singapore. These agencies need to follow the strict regulations and guidelines of the MOM to ensure they work in effective and ethical manner. Also, licensed agency should provide the Employment Agency (EA) number to clients so that they can verify their MOM registration.

  • Non-Licensed Agencies: The MOM has not permitted non-licensed agencies to conduct business in Singapore. These organisations disobey the MOM's regulations. It's possible that they are not even formally registered with ACRA or have a physical office.

What Factors to Consider When Finding a Maid Agency?

Here are several essential factors to keep in mind when choosing a maid agency:

Retention Rate

This figure indicates the percentage of foreign domestic workers (FDWs) who are recruited through a maid agency and remain with the same employer for at least one year. It's heartening to witness stable employment relationships where both parties derive mutual benefit. While some smaller agencies may boast even higher retention rates, these statistics are often attributed to agencies with substantial placement volumes. The industry average stands at 64.4%, with top-tier maid agencies achieving retention rates in the upper 50s to 60s.

Transfer Rate

The transfer rate is the percentage of Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) placed by the agency and transferred to three or more employers in a year.

This is a serious warning sign: it represents the percentage of FDWs who have changed jobs thrice in a year. 0.94% is the industry average. It is better to consider maid agencies with a lower transfer rate than that. A low transfer rate could indicate that the business can match maids to employers more effectively or employ helpers of a higher quality.

Credibility and Reputation

A maid agency's credibility and reputation are important things to consider. You can check the reputation of the firm online or get recommendations from friends, relatives, or co-workers who have previously used maids. You can also review its licences and certificates to ensure the agency can conduct business in Singapore.

Services Provided

Different maid agencies offer various services that include full-time or part-time maid services, and different kinds of maid placements. You should also evaluate your requirements that help you choose the best cleaning services. 

Cost of Hiring Maid

The cost of hiring maid varies on the type of services you need, maid experience, qualifications, and the agencies policies. You can check the prices with various agencies to ensure you find the best deal. 

Placement Volume

A maid agency that processes a higher number of helper work passes, typically exceeding the industry average of 48, demonstrates greater responsiveness in managing aspects such as maid insurance, arranging part-time assistance, and recruiting replacements. Such agencies also provide clean housing options for their assistants. However, the trade-off may involve a potential loss of personalized attention compared to smaller agencies.

Communication and Support

Working with a maid agency requires effective communication as well as support. Select an organisation that communicates clearly and answers your questions or concerns in a timely manner. The agency should also offer sufficient assistance from choosing a maid to provide after-service support.

Expertise and Experience

Lastly, you want to consider the maid agency's experience and expertise. An organisation with years of industry expertise and experience can offer insightful analysis and guidance to support your informed choices. They can also supply you with better quality maids and more options.

Essential Steps to Follow to Find the Best Maid Agency in Singapore

  • Step 1: Determine your needs and preferences

  • Step 2: Search for some potential maid agencies

  • Step 3: Shortlist some agencies

  • Step 4: Start interviewing the agencies

  • Step 5: Make your decision and sign the contract


Hiring a maid is an important decision and finding the right agency can make a big difference. The agency will help you to find a maid for you and your family. They have years of expertise that help you locate the suitable maid so that you can live in a comfortable and peaceful home. CK Employment Services is a professional and reliable maid agency in Singapore if you are looking for domestic helpers. We will help you find the right maid to meet your requirements. Connect with our team to find the best helper for your home!

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