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Work Permit

Renew Your Maid’s Work Permit

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If you are looking to renew your maid’s work permit and employment contract, it is important to ensure the terms of the renewal are clearly stated in the new employment contract. This helps to protect all parties and avoid any potential misunderstandings that may occur.We will guide your through the entire process and advise you the current norms in the industry with regards to home leave, salary increments, and bonuses, if any. This will assist you with your decision on what you can offer your Domestic Helper for the successful years of employment ahead.


Contract renewals


Finished contracts

Why Do Employers Engage Us For Their Maid’s Passport Renewal?

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Home emergencies (special case)

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With the work permit renewal, have you checked with your helper if she’s going for home leave?

Convenient & Comprehensive Documentation

maid permit renewal

How To Book A Maid Transport Service?

Step 1

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Drop Us An

Let us know your maid transport or service requirements

Step 2

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We Will Contact You

We will respond within the day and advise you on the cost and timeline to complete the job.

Step 3

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Book And Confirm Schedule

Once job is confirmed, we will book the transportation and prepare all the necessary documents to complete the job.

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