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Household Chores Training


Household training, or house training, is essential for maintaining a clean and  organized living space. It helps establish routines and habits that contribute to a more comfortable and hygienic home environment. Additionally, effective household training promotes a sense of responsibility and discipline among the members of the household.

Why Choose Household Training

Maid Household Chores Training Program

Are you looking for a professional training program to enhance the housekeeping skills of your domestic help? Or do you want your household help to perform their duties in a more professional and meticulous manner? Our House Cleaning and Maintenance Training Course for Domestic Helpers is the perfect choice for you.

1. Vacuuming: Techniques for different surfaces, maintenance tips.
2. Mopping: Choosing mops and cleaners, effective mopping patterns, and safety tips.
3. Safety Guidelines: General safety, emergency procedures, handling cleaning chemicals.
4. Bedmaking: Techniques for various bedding types, creating neat beds.
5. Ironing & Laundry: Ironing for different fabrics, efficient laundry processes

6. Sweeping: Effective methods for different floors, and dust control.

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