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Infant Care Training

Infant training, often referring to parenting education and infant care, is essential forseveral reasons. It helps parents and caregivers understand the developmentalstages of infants, ensuring they provide appropriate care and stimulation. Training ininfant care covers vital aspects such as feeding, sleeping routines, and safetymeasures, contributing to the overall well-being of the baby. Additionally, it aids inbuilding strong parent-infant bonds and fosters a nurturing environment crucial fora child's early development.

Why Choose Infant Training

Basic Infant Care class for FDWs

Elevate Your Caregiving Skills with Our Specialized Course

Welcome to  CK Employment Services proudly presents a specially designed Basic Infant Care Class for domestic helpers. This course is crafted to enrich your helper capabilities in newborn and infant care, focusing on essential practices such as Burping, Bathing, and Feeding.  

Key Learning Areas:

1. Effective Burping Techniques
  - Understand the importance of burping for infants.
  - Practice various safe and comforting burping methods.

2. Bathing Newborns Safely
  - Gain confidence in bathing infants with a step-by-step guide.
  - Learn about selecting appropriate bath products and maintaining ideal water temperatures.

3. Feeding Basics
  - Master bottle feeding techniques and provide support for breastfeeding.
  - Recognize and respond accurately to an infant's feeding cues.

Practical Sessions:
Our course includes hands-on training with infant mannequins, simulating real-life scenarios for a comprehensive learning experience.

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