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Employing a competent candidate is not easy either, CK Employment Services has adopts using extensive Behavioral-Based competency interview with sets of preliminary job-relevant questions related to the nature of your organisation. This does not limit to potential addition of other questions provided by your organisation. We also provide more rating scales variant to give a more accurate evaluation. In addition to that recruitment process, we do verify with reference check on the applicant technical ability, interpersonal skills, communication, key achievements in role and reason for leaving. As a result, this will provide a more effective and fair recommendation.​


With the multiple sourcing methods, our recruitment process has been proven more efficient with methodology such as target search, personal referral, online advertising and social media.


​Agent fees is a major consideration of using employment agency service, we provide a transparent and reasonable placement fee as compared to other agencies.


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Permanent Placement

Casual Labour


Contract Staffing


Foreign Domestic Worker

We provide solutions in several types of employment relationships & services

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